Wireshape Becomes Y Combinator SUS Certified

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We are happy to announce that now Wireshape is a Y Combinator SUS Certified! The experience of learning from the same mentors of successful unicorns like Airbnb, Stripe and Dropbox was really transformational.

Week by week we absorbed and talked internally about their clear and demystified view of the process of founding a startup, and how we could apply each advice in practice. This was what led us to focus on two pillars, talking to customers and developing the product. So the way was revealing to us more and more how we can directly solve the problem that currently games, movies and VR content developers face when they need realistic 3D assets for their productions.

It was and has been really great to meet and form a strong network with a global community of founders. In addition, the exchange of experiences and feedback makes us more concise and accurate in our approach.

We get valuable Deals that accelerate and enhance the startup launch. One that we have already taken advantage of was the incorporation of Wireshape as C-Corp in Delaware, USA, in partnership with Stripe Atlas. An important decision for a solid and transparent base that prepares us for a great relationship with investors.

For that, we are grateful to the Y Combinator team for this program. That was amazing and now we are hungry.

If you are an investor and would like to be informed about our achievements and to know when we will be raising, you can subscribe to our mailing list. Soon we will have news.

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